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Online booking advisable but not required          Websites: Swannery / Gardens          Tickets: Gardens / Swannery / Season Ticket


Tickets for one attraction

Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

Abbotsbury Swannery

Please ensure you visit the Tesco Clubcard website and request your Tesco voucher before you visit. The voucher cannot be used on this website and can only be used at the onsite ticket office.


Offers & Discounts

Please note that discounts, such as RHS/Historic Houses (Gardens only), 2-4-1 offers and other offers must be redeemed when you visit.

Please do not book on this website, but bring the proof of your discount with you when you visit. Thank you.

Tickets for both attractions

Passport Tickets for both attractions

Annual Season Tickets

Purchase Season Tickets – unlimited visits to both Abbotsbury Attractions for 12 months

Gift Vouchers

Gardens Gift Voucher – Child


Gardens Gift Voucher – Adult


Swannery Gift Voucher – Adult


Swannery Gift Voucher – Child


Passport Gift Voucher – Adult


Passport Gift Voucher – Child


Visit both attractions with our great value for money Passport ticket – the perfect gift!

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